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Start removing toxins from your body in 7-Days

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Well that is an amazing QUESTION and here is the simple answer, we are a company dedicated to truth and health. You see we believe that the truth is more powerful than the hype, even if it is not what we want to hear. When it comes to cleanses there are a lot of choices but the TRUTH IS that many of these choices simply mask your health instead of creating a path and lifestyle that will make a difference.


OH this one is painful, and it is painful because so many people want to share with you that it is possible to cleanse in 3 or 7 or 14 days. Although that may have some benefits, it is not completely the truth. It takes months to heal your body and to get it functioning properly. This is not great for marketing because most people do not want to hear that, they want to buy a quick fix, WE ARE NOT A QUICK FIX.


It takes time and for everyone it is different. But after thirty years of designing cleanses and helping people find optimum health what we have learned is this, if we can get your body through THREE 21 DAY cycles it starts to repair itself and the differences are visible. (Now this is our experience, obviously we are not giving medical advice so consult with a Dr) If you can find something that will gently and consistently work with your system over 63-66 days you have "Habitualized" yourself to move towards health and away from the consistent toxicity of our daily lives.

OUR CLEANSE AND DETOX Practice is designed around a "66 Day Plan" complete with supplements, education & support.

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Standard Disclaimer: Journey "66" is a 66 day process to understanding in a light way the body & how it functions. Like all Cleanses there are no promises to better health, although the majority of people have experienced what they feel to be better health. Please check with your Dr. if you feel you are experiencing "EXTREME" symptoms. We know you will love the journey.

Here is what people are sharing about "Journey 66"


At first I was looking for a 7 day cleanse because I really wanted to get it done fast and didn’t understand anything about the system. Then I heard about "Journey 66" and David Cunningham's 66 day cleanse. It made sense and we started the following week. The Weekly classes really helped keep us on track and really understand what was happening to my system. In the end I felt great, had more energy and was visibly ‘thinner’. It is a bit long but overall I loved this type of cleanse.​


I’m not much on writing emails but with what has happen I had to share my experience. I’m 60 years old and have never tried a detox, cleansing program before. I’m a little overweight and have a little blood sugar problem. I started the program very slowly since I didn’t know what to expect. After 3 weeks I gave birth to some of the nastiest fecal matter, the smell was beyond comprehension it was beyond the smell of death. At the time of passing it was very uncomfortable and I felt sick, but after it passed I felt very light and my energy increased.

Thank you so much. PS My wife is 20 years younger and this has even helped with our intimate relationship.


We understand that Most people will do the same thing this year that they "TRIED" last year and the year before and the year before that. We so often set unrealistic goals and expectations that we get trapped. We become trapped in ways that allow us only to escape but not progress. There is not a quick cure to anything BEYOND THE DECISION. The decision happens in an instant and the BODY, MIND & SPIRIT will now follow.

"To much of the wrong thing is never a good thing and not enough of a good thing is always the wrong thing."

That is why we have put this together and THAT IS WHY it is for a limited time and for limited people. There is not a real deep explanation that is needed to share with you what you already KNOW, short cuts never work long term.

You should know there are two paths that are needed to CLEANSE:

  • ONE is the ability to gently remove toxins out of your Body during the process, without this cleansing does not work!
  • SECOND is the presence of proprietary supplements & herbs that support moving toxins from where they are "STORED" to one of the FIVE Channels of excretion available to the body.
  • SO we have created two important formulas for your 66 Day Journey, Formula2 & Formula24.


Designed to be taken daily morning and evening and helps with the elimination process. (that is what our marketing team calls it but OVERALL IT HELPS YOU POOP more regularly and easily) You are eliminating daily through the intestinal system and this is one of the key factors. We understand that there are many "NEW WAYS" to get rid of impacted feces in your colon and through your intestinal tracts. This should happen comfortably and naturally and if it is not it is because you are not supplying a few simple supplements daily to make this happen. SO WE HELP YOU POOP A LOT, not ugly messy poops but over 66 days you will have pooped and extracted most of the garbage stuck in your system. (AND NO A COLONIC CANNOT do the same thing, we share this research in our classes) (1 X 66 Day Supply)


Designed to support the movement of those toxins through a collection of hand selected herbs and supplements that have been gathered and tested in our formulas for over 30 years. We find the highest quality of supplements and have even invested in our own farms. Over 66 days this formulation is taken morning and evening and working in your system to help you balance and eliminate. Our clients claim to sleep better, experience reduced swelling and an overall experience of calm and well being. Imagine now that you are eliminating these toxins and are able to remove them and the longer you allow your body to rest, heal and excel well of course you should FEEL AMAZING.

This happens slowly, in the same way Drs recommend losing weight. The natural rhythm of your body is now coming back to you and you are discovering how these channels and organs SHOULD FEEL. (2 x 33 Day Supply)

We are the Solution & Program

Hey Guys,

I know this is not like anything you have ever heard before. Yes it is a "66 Day Journey" and frankly that sounds like a long time to cleanse. But think about this:

It took years, for some of us decades to get to where we are and frankly if where you are is not optimum it only make sense to take some time to start to heal your body.

The reason I started this 30 years ago was because I wanted to:

Feel Stronger

Feel Lighter

& Have More Focus

Of course there are plenty of products you can choose and there are plenty of "Quick Fix Systems" that you can buy or follow. At "Journey 66" we understand that we are not for everyone.

• If you do not want to learn how your body works or how it actually should feel we are not for you.

• If you do not want to "excrete poisons and toxins" that are stuck in your fecal matter we are surely not for you.

• If you are not willing to make small adjustments WITHOUT HAVING to "GIVE UP EVERYTHING" we are not for you.

SO, If what you are looking for is to feel:




Clear & Clean

The "Journey 66" day cleanse is the only thing you need to do now. Over 66 days you will enjoy Formula 24 and Formula 2. These are herb based supplements that are Vegan certified.

You will enjoy nine weeks of videos and our APP has articles and information uploaded weekly.

Yes we are including a lymphatic drainage brush and a video on how to use it to maximize the results of the journey.

Now that you know the difference it is time to make a difference in your body and in your life.

Looking forward to seeing you and hearing about the experience.

Stay Strong,

David Cunningham Founder & CEO